Listed below are some of the most commonly asked questions we hear. Click on a section to expand the list of questions. If you have a question not displayed below feel free to call us at 416.409.3094 or email us at info@advantageproceservices.ca

Window Cleaning

  • How often should my windows be cleaned?

    Over the years, we have noted that most of our clients have their interior and exterior windows cleaned twice a year. Once in the spring to rid the windows of winter debris, and once in the fall to ready them for family coming to visit for the holiday season.

  • How is an interior window cleaning conducted?

    At Advantage Pro Services, we believe in invisibility. This means that we leave the premises exactly as they were when we arrived. Upon entering the premises, we will utilize surgical foot covers and drop cloths to protect your carpets from any outside debris. Our ladders are padded to avoid any scratches or damage to delicate floors, rugs and tiles. All furniture will be moved and replaced in the exact position as we found them. Our interior windows are cleaned by hand. This includes interior screens, screen tracks, sashes, and interior frames.

  • What is the cost of having our windows cleaned?

    Depending on the size, make-up, and location of your window in accordance to the location of your landscaping, our prices will vary. You will need to contact one of our technicians at 416.409.3094 for a free consultation.

  • My windows are tinted. Will cleaning damage the expensive tint?

    Absolutely not. Our cleaners do not contain any ammonia; therefore your tint will not be affected by our cleaning process.

Pressure Washing

  • What is pressure washing?

    Pressure washing is the growing application of high pressure water spraying. It is produced by specially designed pumps, which propel a spray of water 100 times more powerful than your typical garden hose. On concrete, it is used to remove mold, mildew, unsightly oil stains, and dirt stains. On, wooden decks and fences, this process restores a close resemblance of the original appearance. On houses, the appearance of brick, siding, eaves, stucco, and even roofs are cleaned to look as close to new as humanly possible.

  • How long do the typical house cleaning take?

    Depending on the square footage of your home or building, times will vary. However, over the years we have found that the average home can be completely cleaned in one day.

  • If I call today, when can you come to clean my house?

    All estimates are done either the day you call, or the next day depending on your schedule. The work is usually completed within one week to 12 days following an approved estimate.

  • Will your cleansers harm my landscaping?

    Absolutely not. Advantage Pro Services takes the time to prepare the premises for the cleaning process. We will make sure all delicate plants, flowers, and landscaping are covered and protected to prevent any damage.

Eaves Troughs Cleaning

  • What is included in your eaves troughs service?

    Our standard service includes removing all debris from the roof, cleaning out all troughs by hand, and bagging up and taking away all debris. Afterwards, we will flush your eaves and downspouts to ensure system functionality.

  • How often should my eave troughs be cleaned?

    At Advantage Pro Services, we recommend that you have your eaves troughs cleaned at least twice a year. Once in the spring, and once again in the fall to ensure proper system functionality.

  • Do I need to be home as the service is being conducted?

    No you do not. At Advantage Pro Services, we strive to make the cleaning process as worry free as possible for our clients. We only ask that you leave the gates to the back yard un-locked for our access.

  • Will your crew address any leaks or damage to my eaves troughs?

    Absolutely. Your trough system will be inspected thoroughly before and during the cleaning process. If we find any leaks or damage to the system, your estimator will contact you with our recommendation as to how to fix the problem.

Decks & Fences

  • My deck has become very slippery. Can this be cleaned?

    Yes. At Advantage Pro Services, we will use organic cleansers to prepare the substrate, which will then be followed up with a thorough light P.S.I. washing.

  • Will my new flower beds be safe when you are pressure washing?

    Yes. We will take the time to make sure that all delicate flowers, plants, and landscaping are protected long before the cleaning process begins. In addition, all out-door furniture will be moved off of the deck, covered for protection, and put back in their spots once the cleaning process is completed.

  • Over the years my cedar fence has turned gray. Can this be cleaned?

    Yes. The reason your fence has lost its original color is due to weathering. In order to correct the problem, Advantage Pro Services will employ a variety of proven cleaning techniques.

  • How long will it take to seal my fence?

    Most mid-size sealing projects will take between two to four days to complete.

  • How can I slow down the process of weathering after my fence has been pressure washed?

    All wood types of fencing can be sealed by one of our trained technicians. Please call one of our estimators for a free consultation today.

  • Is your work guaranteed?

    Absolutely. Deck and Fence Sealing is guaranteed for one year. Deck and Fence washing is guaranteed for at least two years.